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Arena Tips

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Some tips and tricks for Arena!

Do NOT drop your anchor while going to dig up chests.
Circle around the island at reduced speed if possible.
Send your most map-savvy mate onto the island to dig up the loot, sending 1 more person to defend/grab a chest to bring back to the boat if needed/your boat is currently safe.
Even if you do not sink if you drop your anchor so a mate can dig up loot, you are a stationary target for all other teams to score points on. You always want to be a moving target.

Steal supplies.
If you choose to send your best pvp mate over to another ship, remind them to empty their inventory of planks and cannonballs beforehand, leaving more supplies onboard for your crew who stays on your boat, as well as opens up inventory space so that they can steal enemy supplies.
Ship supplies are limited, and stealing supplies after getting on board and perhaps taking down one or two enemy pirates, specially late game, can turn the tides of the match.
Supplies run very low for a ship that never sank for the duration of the match, crippling them from scoring more points, or facing a 1000 point loss for sinking, or wasting precious time on an island restocking supplies.

Enemy canons can be used for your team to earn points.
Waiting for an enemy team to respawn on their boat? Use their canons! Your team gets the points for any hit one another ship, regardless of which canon is used to deal the damage. Your crew mate just has to be the on to fire the cannon.
This burns the enemy's supplies, as well as scoops up some extra points for your team while drawing fire to the enemy ship. Just don't hit your own ship.

Know your role.
I strongly suggest playing in a full crew of friends, this is a co-op pvp setting, so knowing your crew mates, and having clear/defined roles are very important.
I suggest 2 defenders, and 2 attackers.
2 Defenders: both mates stay on the boat at all times, no matter what. 1 mate's primary post is the wheel, while the other defender is in charge of repairs. They move around based on needs of the match. 2 people can stop someone from boarding much better than 1 ever can.
2 Attackers: These are your chest digging, gun slinging, sword slashing pirates who are out for a victory by any means. When they are on the ship, they assist with all functions of running the ship, but they have priority on canons, and when the opportunity presents itself, chest digging/boarding enemy ships.

Use the harpoons to get barrels (for supplies) or chest carrying players to your ship for faster transport, or even to hijack someone and murder them.


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