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Panel Info - Shrouded Spoils, Arena, and more!

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-Arena was made for the PvP fans who want action on demand

-The Sea Dogs the new trading company led by DeMarco from the SOT comics

-Arena has it's own Tavern where it's a hub where you can buy everything

-ranking for each crew based on how much gold you have earned in the time

-Return to the hub after the battle where you can buy stuff for the gold you have earned

-It's more based on a competitive treasure hunt

-Arena will have it's own unique features as will Adventure mode

-every player has the exact same treasure maps for islands

-They haven't decided if you can solo or have to be forced into a crew

-Progression will carry between both modes

-Cursed Cannonballs will be there

-Sea dogs have their own cosmetics

Shrouded Spoils

-Meant to be full of small features that improve Quality of life


-Expanded Ship customization

-The Skeleton Gunpowder Barrel earns you more money and has a 3 times bigger explosive radius

-Rewards for killing the Megalodon and Kraken

-Skeleton Ship now roam freely instead of being stuck in place Raid version still exist

Extended Universe

-The comic character will be coming to the world (Stitcher Jim, DeMarco rtc.)

-lore for who don't want it in game

-Lead Director decides what goes canon and what doesn't


-They will focus more on using the Pioneer program to launch more bugless builds

-There will be 2 completely separate teams to work on the 2 modes

-New expansion will expand on the quests adding guided quests/Lore

-They want to encourage players to play both modes

-Shelley the crab is a good boi and has his own shanty created by the community

-Each expansion is suppose to leave behind tools to help people while also using them to leave legacies

-Keep your eyes peeled for laid back/Relaxed new mechanics

-They are completely focused on Sea of Thieves until the game is "Dead'

-The Sea Dog Tavern is in Adventure mode

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