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  1. https://docs.google.com/document/d/10-0QZHxB_BHJwz8JJk6f6hkerAahCcrLRl7m2UlODL0/edit A really good document for simming your characters!
  2. Wanna join <Grumpy Gaming>? Follow this link: Application Form!
  3. We did it! Finally the beast is down. Great job everyone!
  4. https://www.bloodlines2.com/?ref=0f5af1d488fb Join the hunt!
  5. I'm insanely hyped now! From Paradox we get one of my favorite games successor! https://www.bloodlines2.com/ Remember to vote with your wallet! Buy from Steam or other platforms and not EGS! We dont want spyware and bad practice!
  6. Within the next 2 weeks we'll be upgrading our beloved GGBot on Discord to a much improved version, expect it to be down randomly. We'll be trying to keep it stable as much as possible over this, and you will most likely see the upgrade being online at the same time at times, this is to make sure everything is working as it should when we're moving databases and other info over the the new system.
  7. Be warned that right now there's a phishing situation going around on Steam specifically, but possibly other places. If you get sent a link to a site with something like gamebundlex in its name, dont go to the site, and if you do, absolutely not type anything in there.
  8. Today marks the 2nd anniversary of our lovely community! It's been a rollercoaster of a journey! But we're still here and still kicking! In celebration of this special day, we're hosting a giveaway in #giveaways on our Discord!
  9. This is a playlist of all the bosses:
  10. The Staff of Grumpy Gaming wishes you all a happy holiday and a lovely new year!
  11. Since I'm a Nitro user, I was given a 1 Month Nitro Sub to giveaway from Discord. Join our Discord (https://discord.gg/9rgkscz) and enter to win! Giveaway ends on the 23rd December, 14:09 (CET).
  12. https://twitter.com/MetroVideoGame/status/1073231364135231488 Metro Exodus has now gone gold! To be released Feb 15 - 2019!
  13. https://www.slashgear.com/razer-softminer-uses-your-gpu-to-mine-cryptocurrency-but-you-dont-get-the-coins-12557762/ If you were thinking to get into Razers latest "Silver" program, dont. Razer SoftMiner is mining cryptos on your machine for Razer. And you get nothing.
  14. https://store.steampowered.com/app/989690/Conan_Unconquered/ I do love a new Conan game. And this seems kinda interesting, I did enjoy They Are Billions, and this seems to be similar but in the Conanverse.

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