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  1. The latest Warcraft III Reforged build enabled collections, which included collection strings allowing you to swap between Male and Female Death Knight and Demon Hunter heroes. Collection Strings While we've previously datamined hints implying that male Death Knight and Demon Hunter heroes were on the way, strings were added in collection.json confirming that the Demon Hunter Female and Death Knight Female models will be free skins to replace male hero models. Continue reading » View the full article
  2. In addition to reducing the reputation requirements for the Mechagon Essences, Blizzard has also reduced the cost of the Mechagon Essences by about half. If you're interested in Nullification Dynamo, Purification Protocol or Well of Existence, Patch 8.3 will make it much easier and cheaper. Main-Spec (First Time) When you buy the Mechagon Essences for the first time, to get to Rank 3 you now need about half the amount of Galvanic Oscillator and S.P.A.R.E. Crate as before. Rank 1: Continue reading » View the full article
  3. In the latest PTR build, the Vulpera racial Bag of Tricks was changed to be customizable with tricks that you are able to find around the world! Check out more of our 8.3 PTR Build 32712 coverage: Preamble, Achievements, Spells: No Class Changes Account Wide Keystone Master and Conqueror Achievements Freehold and Operation: Continue reading » View the full article
  4. The 8.3 PTR has added music for Bolvar, the Lich King, at Icecrown Citadel. As we've seen from the Shadowlands cinematic and BlizzCon 2019 reveals, Bolvar will play an interesting role in the expansion, leading a new wave of Death Knights. Allied Races and Pandaren can roll Death Knights with pre-purchase of Shadowlands, and their starting experience will feature a special scenario involving Bolvar before the fateful Shadowlands cinematic. Continue reading » View the full article
  5. In this PTR build, Corrupted Weapons now have different amounts of corruption. The highest value of Corruption on a weapon is a massive +75 Corruption that you'll take when you equip it! Corrupted Weapons w/ Corruption Values Vorzz Yoq'al: Gain Void Ritual, giving your spells and abilities a chance to increase all secondary stats by 10 every sec for 20 sec. This chance is increased if at least 2 nearby allies also have Void Ritual. +35 Corruption Faralos, Empire's Dream: Continue reading » View the full article
  6. We've posted the updated encounter journal for Ny'alotha in time for raid testing on the 6th! Blizzard also added several BoE epics, which based on the item level, could be trash drops: Continue reading » View the full article
  7. The soundtrack for Visions of N'Zoth is now up! Listen to 2 hours of music coming in Patch 8.3. Which is your favorite part of the soundtrack? Check out more of our 8.3 PTR Build 32712 coverage: Preamble, Achievements, Spells: No Class Changes Account Wide Keystone Master and Conqueror Achievements Freehold and Operation: Continue reading » View the full article
  8. A new Corruption effect has replaced the previous 20 Corruption Effect. In addition, many of the random affixes have been buffed. Find out more about the Corruption System! Corruption Effects Some Corruption effects have been renamed and retuned. Eye of Corruption is brand new and replaces the old Corrupted Zone affix. Continue reading » View the full article
  9. In the latest 8.3 PTR build, Blizzard has added two encrypted cinematics. This means we will not be able to preview them in advance, similar to the secrecy surrounding the "Reckoning" cinematic featuring Saurfang in Patch 8.2.5. We can tell based on the data that one cinematic is 2:15 long, while the other cinematic is 59 seconds. What do you think these cinematics are tied to? Continue reading » View the full article
  10. This build contains some Mythic Dungeon tuning which includes nerfs to Azerite Powder Shot and Pistol Shot from Skycap'n Kragg, Powder Shot from Captain Eudora, and many abilities from Operation: Mechagon before it enters Mythic+. Freehold Azerite Powder Shot Inflicts 3530 Fire damage to all enemies in a cone 30 yds. long in front of the caster. Pistol Shot The caster draws a concealed pistol and fires a quick shot at an enemy, dealing 1915 Fire damage. Continue reading » View the full article
  11. In this article, we will highlight the new models for Orcs in Warcraft III Reforged. Orcs are one of the primary playable races in Warcraft III, with their campaign telling the story about how the group led by Thrall founded the Horde we play today in World of Warcraft. Continue reading » View the full article
  12. WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-Up Hello! Welcome to the 101st edition of the WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-up! If you want to see previous articles, they are all archived here on wowhead.com My name is Samadan and I am a content creator focusing on making gold using Professions and TSM. I have a number of guides over on YouTube and I also stream my adventures on Twitch. Black Friday Sale As reported here on Wowhead, Blizzard have started their Black Friday Sale by offering BfA half price! Continue reading » View the full article
  13. As N'Zoth's invasions of Azeroth rage on, news mounts are available to players. Today's Visions of N'Zoth mount preview highlights the new mount you can obtain in Patch 8.3, the Ny'alotha Allseer. Check out the video and click on the model viewer option below to preview all the animations, including the mountspecial. Keep tabs on your mount collection with our Mount Collection Tracker, showing which you still have left to collect across all sources. Continue reading » View the full article
  14. Since the Honor system launched a few weeks ago, Blizzard has been addressing bugs related to calculating ranks. Today, in a rare Saturday post, they address another issue where kills made during certain times of the day were not being displayed in the in-game panel. Blizzard I agree, but unfortunately we didn’t have the chance to respond sooner. Continue reading » View the full article
  15. The Darkmoon Faire is back in town for one week (now live on EU servers). This is a great time to get Darkmoon Top Hat and WHEE!, which provides 10% experience and reputation buff, to help you grind out the Honeyback Hive reputation and the Bee Mount. With this week's Darkmoon Faire, you are able to stack multiple reputation buffs with Darkmoon Top Hat - Pilgrim's Bounty event provides The Spirit of Sharing and WoW's 15th Anniversary provides Celebration Package. Continue reading » View the full article

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