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  1. In the latest edition of "The Weekly Reset," Taliesin and Evitel discuss the community reaction towards Tides of Vengeance, comparing the 8.1 patch to similar early expansion patches. Oh hey, on a scale of 1-10,000 dislikes, how much do you dislike Blizzard's new 8.1 video? Is the new patch REALLY worse than 6.1? Only one way to find out... join us for the Weekly Reset. Knowledge is power. The video compares several X.1 patches: Continue reading » View the full article
  2. It's time for our monthly lore collaboration with Nobbel87! In this series, Nobbel will examine the lore behind popular content in Battle for Azeroth, and we'll provide links to database pages, guides, and our own story write-ups so you can learn more and experience the lore and content in-game. Today's video wraps up the story of Cenarius, the powerful demigod worshipped by the Night Elves. Continue reading » View the full article
  3. As Islands are receiving a number of changes in Patch 8.1 Tides of Vengeance, including a revamp to the Island Rewards system, our Island writer Sangheilios has updated all of Wowhead's Island Expedition guides! These guides will cover everything from new rewards like top hats to new items you can buy with the Island currency. Let us know if there's another Islands topic you'd like to see us write about! Continue reading » View the full article
  4. With Patch 8.1 launching this week, Chris Potter, a healer in the Method main raiding team, guides you through just what to expect in the upcoming patch for healers! You can check out all class changes in our Consoldated Class Changes for Tides of Vengeance Post. Our class guides, currently undergoing updates for the Tides of Vengeance patch, include introductory sections describing the healing changes for each spec. Continue reading » View the full article
  5. The War Campaign continues in Patch 8.1 Tides of Vengeance, with tensions escalating as the story leads into the Battle of Dazar'alor. As part of our preparations for Patch 8.1, we have updated our Alliance and Horde War Campaign guides with new quests and summaries of the lore! Note - as these guides explain Patch 8.1 lore, spoiler warnings. Continue reading » View the full article
  6. As Tides of Vengeance looms close in the horizon, it is a good time to remind players of the technical, under-the-hood optimizations happening with the new patch. As we reported two months ago, Tides of Vengeance brings new optimizations for medium-high setups, allowing the WoW game engine to better use multithreaded processors. These changes show improvements of around 20% to framerates, depending on system specs. Continue reading » View the full article
  7. Some last minute Class Changes and Azerite Trait tuning has occurred over the last few days in preparation for Patch 8.1. Notable changes includes nerfs to Blood DK and Brewmasters and a large nerf to the Blaster Master trait for Fire Mages. There was also a buff to Protection Warriors. Class ToolsBloodTalentsFrostTalentsUnholyTalents Specialization (1) Marrowrend Smash the target, dealing (37.557% of Attack power) Physical damage and generating 3 charges of Bone Shield. Continue reading » View the full article
  8. WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-Up Welcome to the 66th edition of the WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-up! In this edition we're looking at the Patch 8.1 profession recap and gold guide from Hikons, generating and valuing Expulsom plus the gold-makers mailbox. Continue reading » View the full article
  9. Hey there! We are the WeakAuras team and welcome to our Wowhead AMA! We will be here for about 2 hours, answering all the questions you have. If there are still many questions left after that time, we might still answer but no promises. Before we start we need to give a huge thanks to Perculia and Wowhead for granting us this opportunity to interact with you all. Continue reading » View the full article
  10. With less than one week left until Tides of Vengeance, Blizzard has added Titan Residuum to the PTR when you scrap Azerite Armor. We tested scrapping Azerite Armor on the PTR to determine how much Titan Residuum you get from Azerite Armor of each item level. What is Titan Residuum? Titan Residuum is a new currency in Tides of Vengeance that allows you to buy Azerite Armor from our old friend, Thaumaturge Vashreen. Continue reading » View the full article
  11. One of the main inclusions of the patch 8.1 happens to be the sheer number of new mounts available to collect. Tides of Vengeance adds many new mounts, including over 20 with known sources from day one. With that in mind, we made sure to have our resources updated with the most recent information on all these mounts. You can find detailed information about all the new mounts in our Battle for Azeroth Mount Collecting Guide, including coordinates and required currencies for all the mounts. Continue reading » View the full article
  12. The Hivemind, a mount resembling a brain, may be coming as a secret in Patch 8.1! Muffinus made a hype tweet referencing this mount model with the words "Soon." soon pic.twitter.com/AT6CHPKHO1— Jeremy Feasel (@Muffinus) December 7, 2018 This mount was first datamined during the Battle for Azeroth beta, with a placeholder model that resembled the brain of an Old God. Continue reading » View the full article
  13. Less than a week away from the launch of Patch 8.1, Blizzard pushed a new change to Warmode to the PTR realms. Players are now able to turn off Warmode while in resting areas, like inns or minor cities. Players still need to travel to Stormwind or Orgrimmar in order to activate it, but now can easily turn it off while still in the field. This is the second change to the Warmode mechanic in Tides of Vengeance, the first one being the call to arms buff based on faction imbalance. Continue reading » View the full article
  14. Patch 8.1 Hunter Pets In patch 8.1, Blizzard has added at least 45 new pet looks for Hunters to tame. This includes the new Blood Beast family plus lots of new models and colors for existing families. Tallstriders are also getting a complete HD revamp. New Family: Blood Beasts Blood Beasts are the newest Hunter pet family added in patch 8.1. This family includes Crawgs and Blood Ticks of various colors, most of which are found in Nazmir. Continue reading » View the full article
  15. Wowhead News

    Profession Updates in Patch 8.1

    Battle for Azeroth introduces some new recipes in Patch 8.1! Check out the major updates in our post below, and our profession guides for all the details. New Materials Two new materials have been added for professions: Tidalcore and Breath of Bwonsamdi. Similar to Hydrocore and Sanguicell, they are used to craft new Epic quality profession gear coming with Patch 8.1. The older reagents, such as Sanguicell, can be obtained through new transmutes from all professions. Tidalcore: Continue reading » View the full article

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