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  1. Looking mighty fine Dave, fucking beautiful.
  2. Indeed, but you should also note that this only apply for EU. Other regions might be different
  3. Well I think it can help with people who might be uncertain about a game, however I think alot also just pirate it and don't pay for it.
  4. Indeed hoping it will be good, I guess more gameplay would come, but they only starting the development, so might still be some time. Meanwhile we get the updated AoE 2 and 3. Should come in october if all goes as planned.
  5. So at the same time they announced the remastering (definitive edition) of AoE, they also announced that AoE 4 have been started and the company Relic Entertainment is gonna be a part of the developing of the this beast of a legacy. Looking forward to find out more about it. Remark to notices is they expect it to be released for windows 10 platforms only.
  6. Just saw this the good old Age of Empires getting another game in the series. http://www.pcgamer.com/age-of-empires-iv-announced/ Trailer here: -
  7. Legacy_


    Yeah sounds great, would love to duo with you. Im still stucked in B1, got the same issue as you do, everytime I get close to getting alot further I end up with bad games. I main ADC, which also have been fairly easy to get. (RIP ADC 2017 ) Im up for playing if it is and hope to get out of Bronze soon enough.
  8. So URF mode is back, coming to make your daily life even more crazy and fast paced. Looking forward to playing this game mode with everyone intrested
  9. Legacy_

    Wc3 play

    So lets make a repeat of the great success we have had with our previous events. Everyone can come and participate. We will play throughout the day, different types of maps and if you want a map we should play, let Dave know title and link to it and he will make sure to add it. Looking forward to see you all and to have a great time. Best regards Team GG
  10. Was nice to still be able to join a nice fun night last night. Thanks to all for the fun.
  11. Here you can write some tips and tricks that may help other players become better at the game.
  12. It is alright Water, I will still keep Kronoss in line, he knows I will be watching even when im not online to play
  13. Hehe well its not my own wedding however it is a close couple that have done so much for us through the years we have known each other, so I will have to skip this one and get on the next one we have, since Water, I know you will make it a huge succes in my absence
  14. I would love to attend, however I have to attend a wedding, so don't think I will be able to join you on the fun event.
  15. Sweet new entry for al the newcomers

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