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  1. I hope they don't fuck it up. If it's a single-player masterpiece like Witcher 3 with the feeling that it was made for players so that they would love it, then we have another masterpiece on our hands. It looks promising.
  2. It looks great. I am getting the Witcher vibe from it.
  3. I am playing World in Conflict again. Great game. Not many good games out there for me now. Waiting for some nice story-heavy games despite the fact that some publishers say that such games are obsolete.
  4. Greetings, if you want to see Conan Exiles channel on our Discord, you have to go to the "channel-info-bots" channel and use "!joinrole Conan". Your application looks neat. I would like to see you being active on Discord, be it in Conan channel, general chat or any other channel. That will help to speed up the whole application process.
  5. Denied. You've been told before (by me specifically) that it would take a long time for us to even consider your application and that you shouldn't even apply before asking us and you know our reasons very well. Simply put, you are not a GG material.
  6. Let me first say that this finally proves the stupidity of studios or large subject such as EA, 2K and others who enforce stupid protections on their games like Denuvo and many others which don't really work because it gets cracked that only make paying customers feel harassed. Who likes writing codes, installing applications and remembering dozens of PWs to game? Nobody. This hinders only the paying customers. Of course many of us already knew it. A prime example is Witcher 3, actually the whole CDProject with their GOG. There is no protection, even free DLCs at the start and they even release a game-ready patch for the pirates because they want everyone to enjoy their game the same. Did their policy negatively affect their sales? Absolutely NOT! Their game is the best selling game they've ever released, praises everywhere and people have even more reasons to buy it - to support developers who care for their customers. This is how you do it, learn from them. People are more or less the same. EU is a good example because the states are vastly different in terms of their people's purchasing power so I would say it serves as a great example for every market out there. I would like to see a huge change in attitude of developers and we should also press for it by not buying games that are simply overprotected and every customer is considered a potential pirate. Make your games great, have a little courage (balls) and deliver on your promises and your games will sell like Witcher 3 because players can feel the "love" the developers gave the game.
  7. DO NOT create a topic unless you want to create your Application to join GrumpyGaming. DO NOT post in other people's topics unless you are a Member of GrumpyGaming.
  8. Greetings, if you are reading this then you probably want to join GrumpyGaming and have all the perks that come with it, this topic will tell you how to do that. First, before doing anything, please read our Charter. Second, in order to join us, you have to create a topic in this section and copy/paste the template below and completely fill it out as best you can. The way you fill the template out will have a big impact on how quickly your Application will be processed and how it will be received. Please don't underestimate this step. Nickname Provide a link to your Steam profile: Provide your Battle.net Tag: Your GamerTag: Your Discord ID: Were you banned or otherwise warned by the Staff of GG in regards to your behavior? Country: Description of yourself: Age: Have you read and understood our charter? What games are you currently playing? Clan(s) you have previously belonged to: Reasons for leaving this/these clan(s): How did you hear about Grumpy Gaming? Anything else you would like to add? Third, all you have to do now is wait. We cannot give you a precise time estimate on when your Application will be accepted or denied. It largely depends on you, it helps a lot if you start playing with us in some game before you make the Application. That way we know more about you and you more about us. Fourth, you may ask how you get accepted. Members of GrumpyGaming will share their opinions on you and if they are positive enough, they will vouch for you. However the final decision is up to Staff of GG, who will post whether you got accepted or not. Fifth, good luck. PS: Cookies are always appreciated.
  9. Ah, I see, that I understand. Why don't they allow dogs? Dogs are awesome.
  10. Logs can be ... altered.
  11. Kronoss


    I agree that your taste in music is awesome. Finally someone who posts music for men and not that wimpy soft ass shit that some people posted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhGEGIBGLu8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nM__lPTWThU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbxH5S9_A3M&index=10&list=PLBHZGbQwbBCCPxFbrDqkY2kS4Fe-cqUuk Again a few examples.
  12. Is DaveAzoicer manually adding post count to his profile? I think he does, opinions?
  13. Based on your recent and not so much recent display ... that is very doubtful. Just being a realist here.

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