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  2. Blizzard has shared their plans for European Realms in Classic WoW. Realms will not be split up by language, except for Russian. Blizzard As we get closer to WoW Classic’s release, we thought now would be a good time to talk about our plans for Classic realms here in Europe. We’ve prepared several realms, which will include Player vs Player, Player vs Environment, and Role-playing realms. For Classic, we’re planning on not splitting up realms by language. Continue reading » View the full article
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  4. Blizzard has made a change on the 8.2 PTR that awards the Artifact Power from completing Paragon Reputations to be from the quest turn-in, not from opening the cache. Don't forget that Blizzard has made a change that increases the base Artifact Power required, but Artifact Knowledge will increase at a faster pace. See the details on the change here. Continue reading » View the full article
  5. Blizzard has increased the amount of AP required to level your neck past level 50 in Patch 8.2 Rise of Azshara. However, they have also increased the Artifact Knowledge Multiplier. Base Azerite Power Required to Level Blizzard has increased the base Azerite Power required to level up your Heart of Azeroth massively for every level past 50. To hit level 70, you need 188.91M AP, up from 7.34M. We've linked a portion of the chart below and you can see the full chart in the toggler below. Continue reading » View the full article
  6. Patty Mattson, the voice actor for Sylvanas Windrunner, has recorded and shared a version of "Lament of the Highborne" on her birthday. Horde players first hear Sylvanas sing the Lament upon completion of the The Lady's Necklace questline, and both factions can pick up Music Roll: Lament of the Highborne for their Garrison. Continue reading » View the full article
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  8. Blizzard has previewed Mechagon, one of the two new zones coming in Rise of Azshara! Within Tiragarde Sound there is a zone called The Rusted Vault, with a mysterious giant portal that is closed. When Rise of Azshara arrives, this gate will finally open, leading to a new zone called Mechagon, home of the Mechagnomes. The capital of the Mechagnomes, ruled by King Mechagon, is a society where the more robotic parts you have, the higher up you will be. Continue reading » View the full article
  9. Blizzard has just announced the last round of raid testing of Patch 8.2, with two specific tests on June 21st - First for Queen Azshara on Heroic difficulty, then all bosses but Queen Azshara on Normal difficulty. After the testing for Heroic Azshara ends, Normal The Eternal Palace will be open for testing during the entire weekend. Preparing for the upcoming raid testing? Then check our Eternal Palace Raid Overview! Continue reading » View the full article
  10. The WoW Classic Stress test for June extends the level cap to 15; in this post we'll review all of the low-level content available in Classic, including dungeons, zones, and Warsong Gulch. Character Creation Character creation in Classic is a bit more strict than BFA, with only 8 races and 9 classes. Plus some of the modern options like Undead or Human Hunters are not available. Below you can see a table with all Classic Race x Class combinations. Continue reading » View the full article
  11. Blizzard has just posted new Essence tuning changes in the PTR for Ripple in Space and Memory of Lucid Dreams. Learn more about Azerite Essences in our Essences Guide Some Essence tuning changes that are in the process of being hotfixed:Ripple in Space Major effect cooldown lowered from 90 to 60 seconds at all ranks. Memory of Lucid Dreams Major effect cooldown lowered from 180 to 120 seconds at all ranks. Major effect at rank 1 duration increased to 12 seconds, up from 10 seconds. Continue reading » View the full article
  12. Blizzard has updated Shrine of the Storm on the 8.2 PTR with some mob count changes. The overall count required to complete enemy forces has increased, but specific creatures in the dungeon now give more mob count as well. Continue reading » View the full article
  13. The Heart of Azeroth requirements for Azerite Armor in Battle for Azeroth Season 3 have not changed much from Season 2. The non-center Trait requirements will not be increasing past the requirements for an Item Level 415 piece of Azerite Armor. All Heart of Azeroths will be autoleveled to level 35 in Rise of Azshara, if the character's neck is below that level. This also allows them to unlock the center Essence slot. Check out our Essence Guide for a full list of Essences and their sources. Continue reading » View the full article
  14. As players progress through the Nazjatar questline in Rise of Azshara, they can unlock more content such as the Heart of Azeroth Essence System, War Campaign, and Mechagon zone. Here is an overview of what you will need to complete to access these major components in the first few weeks of the patch. We have also updated our Attunement Tracker for important 8.2 unlocks, as well as added tracking for the 8.1 war campaign and Vol'jin questline. Continue reading » View the full article
  15. Blizzard has shared more details in preparation for the WoW Classic Stress test tomorrow, open to all with active NA and Oceanic WoW accounts. The Launcher UI has received an update in preparation for the stress test tomorrow, making it easier for you to select which version of the game you want to play: Blizzard Our next WoW Classic stress test is getting underway tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. PDT. Here’s some additional information to help you make the most of it. Continue reading » View the full article
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  17. The Mythic+ System has received an update to its scaling. The scaling has increased, so as you increase the Keystone level, the health and damage of enemy forces will increase faster than in Season 2. In addition, a new affix combo has been seen on the PTR. New Affix Combo On the PTR, the Fortified, Bursting, Quaking combination has been altered with Quaking being replaced by Volcanic! Thus, that specific week is now: Continue reading » View the full article
  18. Blizzard has clarified how the minor effect of Memory of Lucid Dreams, an essence coming in Patch 8.2, will work. Blizzard A question we have seen come up in a few places regarding the Minor effect of Memory of Lucid Dreams that warrants some clarification: If you use an ability like Templar’s Verdict which consumes 3 Holy Power, or Unstable Affliction consuming 1 Soul Shard, how is a 50% refund handled? Continue reading » View the full article
  19. With the release of the patch date, Ion Hazzikostas has also made a video about some of the feedback that has been heard from the community including the topics of class design, pruning, PvP Gear from PvE and catch-up mechanics. Highlights We've highlighted some interesting sections of the video. This is a loose transcription and you should watch the video above for Ion's full comments. Continue reading » View the full article
  20. After announcing that the release date for the Rise of Azshara patch is next week, Blizzard has now released the official Eternal Palace raid schedule with the Heroic raid releasing on July 9th and Mythic on July 16th! Find out more about Azshara's Eternal Palace in our raid overview and loot guides! Don't forget, when the raid opens on July 9th, Season 3 will start. This means that Mythic+, the PvP season, and Operation: Mechagon will also unlock on that date. Continue reading » View the full article
  21. The second major Battle for Azeroth content patch, Rise of Azshara, will be releasing on June 25th (US) / 26th (EU), according to a tweet on Warcraft's official twitter. Something sinister stirs beneath the waves — Rise of Azshara arrives June 25! pic.twitter.com/PDT1YXWAEH— World of Warcraft (@Warcraft) June 18, 2019 Find out about everything about the Patch in our Rise of Azshara Overview This new content patch will include two new zones, Nazjatar and Mechagon. Continue reading » View the full article
  22. New World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Events for the week of June 18 includes Burning Crusade Timewalking, new Mythic+ affixes and more! For the day-to-day updates on Emissary quests, Island Expeditions, Seafarer's Dubloon's Vendor and more, please visit the Today in WoW section of Wowhead's front page. Burning Crusade Timewalking Outland Timewalking Dungeon Event is one of the weekly bonus events in Battle for Azeroth. Continue reading » View the full article
  23. Blizzard has responded to feedback that this week's Classic Stress Test is only open to US and Oceanic active accounts. The next stress test, taking place in July, will including multiple regions including EU test realms. Blizzard It’s notable that this June 19 stress test is a test of launch conditions for one entire region’s hardware. To make this test as helpful as possible we need to focus on only including the people of that region. Continue reading » View the full article
  24. In Patch 8.2, Rise of Azshara, new crafting recipes for BFA Season 3 are being added to the primary armor professions, Tailoring, Blacksmithing and Leatherworking. This includes mount equipment and 410 - 440 item level gear that always comes with a prismatic socket. For a full list of new recipes and a detailed guide to changes coming in 8.2, make sure to check out one of the profession guides below. Continue reading » View the full article
  25. Patch 8.2, Rise of Azshara, brings with it a multitude of mysteries and secrets based in the two new zones, Nazjatar and Mechagon. In a recent Forbes interview with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas, some of the types of secrets that players can expect to see in the upcoming patch are discussed. Meanwhile, some of the means through which plenty of "secret-like" rewards such as achievements, pets, toys, and even mounts can be obtained have already been uncovered by avid secret-hunters! Continue reading » View the full article
  26. In the latest edition of "The Weekly Reset," Taliesin and Evitel discuss this past week news topics, including the Vulpera Allied Race hints, the future level squish survey, and the 8.2 XP Changes for twinks. With the future level squish confirmed, how will it work? What would it solve? More importantly, will Tali be able to level-up his long neglected lvl 45 Nightborne mage any quicker? Continue reading » View the full article
  27. Blizzard has clarified the twink experience nerf discovered yesterday. It will only affect groups that manually invite players who have XP off. Blizzard This won’t happen. The change only affects groups that manually invite player characters who have XP off. There is no impact on players who find themselves automatically grouped by the matchmaker while doing PvP or Group Finder dungeons. Continue reading » View the full article
  28. The next WoW Classic stress test takes place June 19th! This time, the maximum character level will be capped at 15. In even better news, anyone with an active World of Warcraft game account in the Americas and Oceania regions can stress test! Blizzard We’ll have our next stress test for WoW Classic on June 19, 2019 3:00 PM . This stress test will be accessible to anyone with an active World of Warcraft game account in the Americas & Oceania region. Continue reading » View the full article
  29. Our next Essence spotlight is highlighting the three Battleground Essences - Sphere of Suppression, Artifice of Time and Blood of the Enemy. Players will have to participate in Battlegrounds or PvP Island Expeditions to obtain the Essences for each of these roles by accumulate a large amount of Honor in these activities. For more information on Essences, check out Heart of Azeroth Essence Guide. Continue reading » View the full article
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