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  2. We're excited to continue highlighting some of our advanced Battle for Azeroth Mythic+ Class Guides with a Mythic+ Blood DK Guide written by Darkee. This guide goes over tips and tricks in every dungeon, gear recommendations for higher level Mythic+ dungeons, Reaping advice and more! Click here to see the Blood Death Knight Advanced Mythic+ Guide Darkee competed in the Mythic Dungeon All Stars event at BlizzCon 2018 as part of Method NA. Continue reading » View the full article
  3. Crucible of Storms, the upcoming raid in Patch 8.1.5, has new music in today's PTR build as well as some item effects and stats adjusted. Crucible of Storms Music Cloth Items Fathom Dredgers: Dredged Vitality Absorb 55 damage for 15 sec per 1000 mana spent, up to 5500 total absorption.Every 10000 mana spent grants you a shield absorbing damage for 8 sec, up to a maximum absorb of . Zaxasj's Deepstriders: Reduced Critical Strike and Mastery Malformed Herald's Legwraps: Continue reading » View the full article
  4. On the 8.1.5 PTR build 29418, there are now loa shrines scattered across Dazar'alor! These are used for their Embrace of the Loa racial, where they can gain the allegiance of a loa, gaining one of several effects. In previous PTR builds, you could simply click on the Embrace of the Loa spell in your spellbook and embrace one of the Loa the Zandalari reveres. Now, you need to go to their shrines in Dazar'alor, and attune yourself to them by literally making an offering to their shrines! Continue reading » View the full article
  5. Alpacas are adorable and the 8.1.5 PTR has hints that this cuddly NPC model could be coming as a player mount in the future! There are new encrypted sound files: Continue reading » View the full article
  6. New Music has been added in 8.1.5 PTR Build 29418 including Allied Race music for the Kul Tiran and Zandalari Troll races. Continue reading » View the full article
  7. Catering for Combat Cook any combination of 50 Galley Banquets, or Bountiful Captain's Feasts, or Sanguinated Feasts. Class ToolsBloodTalentsFrostTalentsUnholyTalents Tier 4 Azerite Powers (Item Level 400) (1) Frostwhelp's Indignation Pillar of Frost summons a Frostwhelp who breathes on all enemies within 2040 yards in front of you for 2160 Frost damage. Each unique enemy hit by Frostwhelp's Indignation grants you 35 Mastery for 15 sec, up to (35 * 5). Continue reading » View the full article
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  9. 8.1.5 PTR testing next week includes Crucible of Storms, featuring Uun'at for the first time, as well as the epic Battleground Wintergrasp! Wintergrasp Blizzard We’re coming together to test the new Wintergrasp epic battleground experience in the 8.1.5 PTR, and would love for you to join us! On Tuesday, February 19, beginning at 2:00 p.m. Pacific time (5:00 p.m. Eastern), we’ll be queueing up for Wintergrasp. Continue reading » View the full article
  10. In Patch 8.1.5, crafters unlock new Tools of the Trade questlines, rewarding special profession items! Today we are reviewing the Jewelcrafting questline coming in Patch 8.1.5, which rewards Jewelhammer's Focus, which lets you mine geodes by special shrines as well as unsocket gear without destroying gems. Jewelcrafting Questline This questline will take us to shrines across the continent. Continue reading » View the full article
  11. Following the Battle of Dazar'alor Raid Tips update, we'd like to highlight updates to our Mythic+ Class Guides! Our Class Writers worked hard analyzing all changes happening in patch 8.1 and with the start of Season 2 to create the best advice for you to improve your Mythic+ experience. Continue reading » View the full article
  12. February 14th hotfixes include a 5% health reduction to Mekkatorque in Heroic difficulty, while Wind Up now grants less haste and movement speed. The PvP mana regeneration changes described yesterday are also part of today's hotfixes. Blizzard Dungeons and Raids Battle of Dazar'alor High Tinker Mekkatorque Wind Up now grants 10% Haste and Movement Speed in Heroic difficulty (was 20%). Boss health lowered by 5% in Heroic difficulty. Continue reading » View the full article
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  14. The latest 8.1.5 PTR build added three cutscenes--Hati Reformed, Magni meets MOTHER, and the Kul Tiran Allied Race intro. Hati Reformed This cutscene plays at the end of the questline to reunite the player with Hati. Once you've tamed Hati as a Hunter, you can even mount and dress him up! Magni Meets MOTHER This cutscene plays in the questline where Magni and Brann team up to relocate MOTHER to the Chamber of Heart. Continue reading » View the full article
  15. The latest PTR build added the item drop to the upcoming Crucible of Storms raid. These items, unlike the ones from Uldir or Battle of Dazar'alor, are very unique, as they mostly don't have secondary stats and all have Old God-based procs and effects. Most of the effects are really interesting and usually have a dark twist on them, playing on the Void fantasy. We've tested all the items in the 8.1.5 PTR and discovered that most items have unique spell effects as well. Continue reading » View the full article
  16. The Kul Tiran Heritage Armor set received changes on the 8.1.5 PTR. The coat is shorter and the anchor design has been removed from the back. You can also preview the updated armor in our PTR Dressing Room. Which do you prefer? Join in the discussion on this forum thread. Continue reading » View the full article
  17. Blizzard has posted some PvP hotfixes related to healer mana during longer PvP engagements in Arenas and battlegrounds. Blizzard Good evening!We've taken a careful look at healer mana during longer PvP engagements in both Arenas and battlegrounds, and we're deploying some changes to address several concerns.In PvP, we want mana to feel like a more critical resource, and we want mana efficiency to be an important part of PvP healing. Continue reading » View the full article
  18. Ever thought about the importance of the meta in World of Warcraft? We invited some of the Wowhead Class Writers to discuss the impact of the meta, including factors that influence perceptions and how players can overcome the challenges that each meta poses. The Wowhead Class Writers participating in this collaboration are: Djriff, 💪Bicepspump💪, Munkky, Volstatsz, Guiltyas, Wordup, AutomaticJak, and Malon. Continue reading » View the full article
  19. It is time for Wowhead Weekly #186, happening on Wednesday this week due to Valentine's Day! Annie and Perculia talk about everything WoW that happened during this week, talking about the Activision Blizzard Earnings Call, the updates to the 8.1.5 PTR, statistics on the World First race, and more! Watch live video from Wowhead on www.twitch.tv Topics of the Week: Activision Blizzard Earnings Call - Record profit year, but 8% of Blizzard staff laid off 8.1.5 PTR: Continue reading » View the full article
  20. DaveAzoicer

    Warning regarding Steam messages!

    Be warned that right now there's a phishing situation going around on Steam specifically, but possibly other places. If you get sent a link to a site with something like gamebundlex in its name, dont go to the site, and if you do, absolutely not type anything in there.
  21. The most recent PTR build has finally added Warlords of Draenor Timewalking for testing. In this article, we will cover the dungeons for the event, the new timewalking vendors and what they sell during the WoD Timewalking week. Available Dungeons As revealed during BlizzCon, six dungeons are available during WoD Timewalking Weeks: Continue reading » View the full article
  22. Item highlights from 8.1.5 PTR build 29352 include Trial of Style Ensembles and an Eye of N'Zoth toy. Check out all the new PTR items in our database! Trial of Style Ensembles Four Ensembles were added for an upcoming Trial of Style season: Ensemble: Tranquil Spiritbind Regalia, Ensemble: Restless Dreambound Battlegear, Ensemble: Chainmail of the Timeless Hunt, Ensemble: Continue reading » View the full article
  23. On the 8.1.5 PTR, the Zandalari Trolls are being tested, and as of the most recent build, they have received their /dance animations together with the Kul Tiran Humans! The animations are also fully viewable on our Dressing Room. For more information on how to unlock the Zandalari Trolls as an Allied Race, check our Zandalari Troll Overview. Continue reading » View the full article
  24. On the 8.1.5 PTR, the Kul Tiran humans are being tested, and as of the most recent build, they have received their /dance animations! The animations are also fully viewable on our Dressing Room. For more information on how to unlock the Kul Tiran Humans as an Allied Race, check our Kul Tiran Human Overview. Male Kul Tiran /dance Male Kul Tiran seems to be based off the Mr. Thiccman video. Female Kul Tiran /dance Female Kul Tiran follows a ballet routine! Continue reading » View the full article
  25. The latest 8.1.5 PTR build adds loot tables for the two Crucible of Storms bosses. Many of these items have interesting procs and equip effects. A long-submerged evil stirs beneath the Shrine of the Storm. The whispers that drove Lord Stormsong to madness echo within the depths, a siren song of eldritch power. Those who listen and obey prepare dark rituals to carry out their master's will. Whatever nightmarish schemes fuel their fanatical devotion, one thing is certain: they must be stopped. Continue reading » View the full article
  26. The latest 8.1.5 PTR build adds an armored Horde horse, the Bloodflank Charger. This is from a special achievement, Two Sides to Every Tale. NEW Bloodflank Charger Stolen from the Arathi Basin stables, this fire-hearted charger now steeds for the Horde. Achievement: Two Sides to Every Tale The Alliance equivalent is the Ironclad Frostclaw. This is likely the wolf mount we datamined last week. Continue reading » View the full article
  27. Preamble and minor class changes for 8.1.5 PTR Build 29352. NEW Complete the following achievements on the continents of Zandalar and Kul Tiras. Reward: Mount Reward: Bloodflank Charger and Ironclad Frostclaw NEW Craft a Tool of the Trade from one of primary crafting professions. Rumble Club Defeat all rumbles in the Brawler's Guild.during the Broken Isles campaign. Continue reading » View the full article
  28. Hotfixes for February 12th include fixes for bugs preventing completion of the Keystone Master and Dropping some Eaves achievements. Blizzard Dungeons and Raids Corrected an issue preventing the Keystone Master achievement from being properly awarded. Court of Stars Fixed a bug that prevented completion of the achievement Dropping Some Eaves while the World Quest “Court of Stars: Wraith in the Machine” is up. Continue reading » View the full article
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