"Bis vincit qui se vincit in victoria — He conquers twice, who conquers himself when he is victorious." ― Publius Syrus, Sententiae

Everyone is welcome

We don't care about your nationality or background: We want people who are mature and responsible; willing and able to play as a team; who can respect their fellow friends and opponents alike.


Our Community is our lifeblood. Made up of likeminded gamers across a variety of games, we apply a unique community approach to each genre we cross.

There is no I in team

While individual skill is valuable, teamwork is just as important too, and together we will always strive to succeed.

Words to live by

Our code is: No cheating, no belligerence, apply common sense and a mature outlook when needed.

Games we play

And why that makes us the best.
Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles

7 Days to Die
League of Legends
Dota 2
Warcraft 3
Starcraft 2
Dawn of War
Diablo III
Grim Dawn
Space Engineers
Hunt Showdown
World of Warcraft: Legion
Sea of Thieves